• Structure
  • The rebar SD 30 and steel circular SR 24.
  • Roof structure
  • Rust proof steel, galvanize and Shera eaves to eaves or equivalent.
  • Roof
  • CPAC Monia, Metal Sheet and Insulation PE Foam.
  • Indoor ceiling
  • 9 mm. Heat reflex gysum board, with antifungus for bathroom
  • Outdoor ceiling
  • Water resistance concrete sheet
  • Wall
  • The Q-CON aerated brick walls plastered smooth.
  • Floor
  • Grade A 60 cm. x 60 cm. ceramictile
  • Paint
  • TOA paint or similar quality brand
  • Bathroom
  • American Standard or similar quality brand
  • Water supply and piping
  • The supply of Provincial Waterworks Authority.
  • Waste water treatment
  • Under ground septic tank and fat trap for every unit
  • Electrial wiring
  • Conduit wiring with earth ground
  • Switch and plug
  • Btichino or similar quality brand
  • Termite eradication
  • PE pipe for compressing WALLDRITE of every building.
    Note :  The Sino Village reserves the right to change the original equipment quality standards without prior notice.

    When people talk about the unique Sino-Portuguese architectural design, I doubt that any Phuket people will shake their heads and say that they have never heard of it.

    With the trademark charm of harmonious combination between the best of two worlds, Sino-Portuguese buildings feature elegant European-style structures with quintessentially Chinese decoration. This style of building in perhaps best reflected in Old Phuket Town, which is an architectural treasure trove that has been the pride of pun tae, real Phuketians,for a very long time

    We believe that there are a lot of people who desire to live their lives in those unique and charming buildings, but to be able to possess an authentic Sino-Portuguese house is not that easy because demand far outstrips supply.

    For this reason, it's very exciting to know that one new real estate project embraces this symbolic architectural style, providing a new generation of Sino-Portuguese home offices and townhomes for those who value Phuket's unique natural heritage.

    Imagine 52-units of Sino-Portuguese buildings conveniently located along Thepkrasattri Road inbound, on the way to Phuket Town. Sino-Village aspires to create the touch and feel of classic Old Phuket Town, meticulously recreating the understated charm and convenience of the old quarter for people with modern lifestyles.

    The 'Sino-Village' project will revive the valuable architectural tradition for a new generation of proud Phuket people.

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